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HuaShan 24 – part 1 in Accord, NY

From the Daoist Hidden Immortal Lineage

HuaShan 華山 24 – part 1


This autumn will mark the 15th anniversary of the passing of one of my most influential teachers, Grandmaster Yang RonJi 楊榮籍. 

According to Daoist numerology, the number 15 represents perfect, complete cycle, reunion, and return.


In special honor of his returning spirit, I am sharing the HuaShan 24 Form, one of the most simple, yet most challenging and most powerful forms I have ever practiced, with others.


I clearly remember the exact moment Grandmaster Yang began to teach me the HuaShan 24 Form. After many years of training the Hidden Immortal Lineage Taiji form, one on one, he told me that he believed I had mastered the physical aspects of my Taiji form and that it was time for me to find my GongFu 功夫 (meaning inner power) within my Taiji. The HuaShan 24 is the form he taught me in order to help me get to the next level.


Since then, I have practiced the HuaShan 24 to strengthen my GongFu regularly and held the practice secret. For the first time, I am now ready to share the entire form with students. All students who are ready to take this challenge are welcome to join us for part one of the form in October (part two will come in 2017)!


2-7 October, 2016

Northern Dipper Temple

Accord, NY

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