Heart-Mind Internal Alchemy Certification Series

Dai Family XinYi戴心意 is one of the China’s most esoteric Qigong and internal martial arts systems. Rooted in the DaoJiaYinXianPai 道家隱仙派 (the Daoist Hidden Immortal Lineage), the entire system is based on the principles of Daoist internal alchemy and embodies the richness and depth of Daoist philosophy and Chinese medicine theory. It is a powerful method of exploring healing, internal alchemy, and spiritual transformation.
Although Dai Family XinYi system holds many celebrated forms, there are few practitioners today. As such, it is extremely important to both Grandmaster Zhao and Master Wu to preserve this rare gem for future generations.

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GanZhi Advanced Daoist Arts Program

TianGan DiZhi天干地支

TianGan DiZhi (“GanZhi”), the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, are the foundation of ancient Chinese cosmological sciences. With origins in a complex calendrical system, the GanZhi were created to codify the patterns of the universe.

The GanZhi are the heart of all Chinese wisdom traditions. In them lie the keys to understanding the crucial alchemical principles governing the macrocosm (universe) and microcosm (human being).

QinJian Akademin developed the GanZhi advanced Daoist arts program to preserve the use of the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches i in classical Chinese healing arts, internal cultivation practice, and in Daoist divination techniques, as well as create an international network of practitioners and teachers skilled in the deepest roots of China’s ancient wisdom traditions

This program is based on an unbroken lineage of Daoist oral tradition, the Song Dynasty astrology classic, DiTianShui 滴天髓, the HuangDiNeiJing 黃帝內經, and the ShangHanLun 傷寒論. Guided by principles of the Yijing 易經, one of the oldest classical Chinese texts, the structure of this program includes four levels of training: Yuan 元, Heng 亨, Li 利, and Zhen 貞. To help students deepen and embody their understanding of these ancient arts, we share secret Daoist internal alchemy practices throughout each level of the program.

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