GanZhi Advanced Daoist Arts Program

Course start: 4-9 December, 2018 (Pendle Hill, PA, USA)

Applied Divination and Chinese Astrology

TianGan DiZhi 天干地支


TianGan DiZhi (“GanZhi”), the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, are the foundation of ancient Chinese cosmological sciences. With origins in a complex calendrical system, the GanZhi were created to codify the patterns of the universe.

The Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches are the heart of all Chinese wisdom traditions. In them lie the keys to understanding the crucial alchemical principles governing the macrocosm (universe) and microcosm (human being).

Program Structure

Instruction for the GanZhi Advanced Daoist Arts Program is offered in an immersive setting and via online forums over the course of two years. In the Daoist tradition, community is an essential component of all internal cultivation practices. Being in the company of like heart-minds offers tremendous support on our life journey.

During four bi-annual intensive trainings, we delve ever deeper into the theories and practices of these ancient lineage teachings. It is through our own cultivation practices that we learn to turn knowledge into the wisdom of our own daily experience.


Next course start date:

  • Session 1 will be held December 4-9, 2018, in a lovely retreat center which prioritizes local, organic, home cooked meals, and is located on 24 tranquil acres that are within easy reach by car, plane, bus or train.

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Program Curriculum

Session 1: Yuan – TianGan 天干


元者善之長也 YuanZheShanZhiZhangYe

Yuan is the source of virtue*

Yuan means origin and source. In the Yijing, it is the symbol for new life, the virtue of heaven and earth, spring, the eastern direction and great compassion. We begin this program by focusing on the source of all practical applications of the TianGan – symbolism and numerology – and by nourishing the root of our Shan , the great compassion inherent in our being.

In this level, we will cover:


JiChu 基礎 (Foundations)

  • History and mythology; TianRenHeYi 天人合一 (the Union of Human and Nature); TianGan (10 Heavenly Stems) internal alchemy and healing principles; Chinese calligraphy (10 TianGan symbols); TianGan symbolism and numerology; Spirit of the 10 organ systems

YiLi 毉理 (Clinical Theory)

  • YaoYi 藥義 (Original concept of medicine); FangYao 方藥 (primordial cosmos and Chinese medicine); ZhenLiao 診療說 (three layers of diagnosis and treatment)

Fa 灋 (Cultivation Practice)

  • Zhen 震 (Thunder, the ritual of the heart); TianGan NeiGong XinFa 天干內功心灋 (TianGan internal alchemy standing and sitting meditation); ShuiGong 睡功 (three hearts return to one root)


Session 2: Heng – DiZhi 地支


亨者嘉之也 HengZheJiaZhiHuiYe

Heng is the assembly of prosperity*

Heng means connection, communication, great and flow. In the Yijing, it is the symbol for offering sacrifice, ritual, abundance, summer, southern direction, humbleness, and humility.

In this level, we focus on Heng – the skillful use the DiZhi (12 Earthly Branches) to help bring prosperity into the lives. This course will cover:


JiChu 基礎 (Foundations)

  • DiZhi internal alchemy and healing principles; Chinese calligraphy (12 DiZhi symbols); DiZhi symbolism and numerology; the meanings of the hidden Stems within the Branches

Fa 灋 (Cultivation Practice)

  • Zhen 震; TianGan NeiGong XinFa; ShuiGong 睡功; DiZhi NeiGong XinFa 地支內功心灋 (DiZhi internal alchemy standing and sitting meditation)

Session 3: Li BaZi 八字 Astrology


利者之和也 LiZheYiZhiHeYe

Li is the harmony of righteousness*

Li means sharp, advantage, interest, favorable, and benefit. In the Yijing, it is the symbol for harmony, autumn, western direction, fairness and righteousness. In this level, we learn the art of divination, diagnosis and treatment through Chinese astrology. For this retreat, students are expected to be competent in calculating a four pillar astrology chart, as taught in Dr. Karin Taylor Wu’s Calculating the BaZi (Chinese astrology work book). In this course, we will learn:


PanMing 判命(Analyzing Karma)

  • Wu Family Five Elements Diagram YongShen 用神 (functional spirit) principle, WangLi 旺理 (Principles of prosperity); Beginning BaZi case studies

Fa 灋 (Cultivation Practice)

  • Zhen 震; ShuiGong 睡功; GanZhi NeiGong XinFa 內功心灋 (TianGan and DiZhi internal alchemy),HunYuan TianDi GunFa 混元天地棍法 (primordial heaven and earth stick internal alchemy) I.


Session 4: Zhen貞 – Cosmological Body


者事之也 ZhenZheShiZhiGanYe

Zhen is the essence of achievement*

Zhen means chaste, pure, loyalty, and solid. In the Yijing, it is the symbol for stability, richness, winter, northern direction, accomplishment and wisdom. In this level, we focus on Zhen, the spirit of GanZhi BaZi practice, by integrating Yijing, FengShui, classical Chinese medicine, Daoist internal alchemy, and advanced astrology chart analysis. In this level, we will focus on:


GaiYun 改運 (Optimizing Karma)

  • FangYi 方毉 (Cosmological treatment) for “upgrading” karma, which includes how to apply BaZi Chinese astrology, Yijing BaGua 八卦 (Eight Trigrams), and FengShui for improving health, wealth, and romance; ShenZhen 神診 (Advanced divination and diagnosis with Chinese astrology); ShenLiao 神療 (Advanced treatment with medical FengShui, Chinese medicine and Qigong); Advanced BaZi Case studies

Fa 灋 (Cultivation Practice)

  • Zhen 震 (Thunder, the Ritual of the Heart); ShuiGong 睡功 (Three Hearts Return to One Root); GanZhi NeiGong XinFa 內功心灋 (TianGan and DiZhi internal alchemy),HunYuan TianDi GunFa 混元天地棍法 (primordial heaven and earth stick internal alchemy) I and II


*quotations from WenYang 文言 of YiJing 易經

GanZhi Teacher’s Certification


For graduates of the program who are interested in teaching sessions 1 and/or 2 to their own students, there are several requirements that must be met to obtain certification.


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