XinYi BaGua XinJing Certification

This training focuses on:

  • Highlighted history of the Hidden Immortal Lineage and Dai Family XinYi
  • XinYi, Daoist philosophy and internal alchemy
  • XinYi NeiGong 心意內功: HunYuanZhuang 混元樁 (The Primordial Stance) – the fundamental XinYi internal alchemy standing posture
  • Principles of Yijing BaGua 易經八卦
  • XinYi YiJing BaGua XinJing 易經八卦心鏡- the foundational yet highly secret internal alchemy technique. These eight movements explore the Yin 陰 (soft) side of Dai XinYi, increase physical strength and stamina, nourish the joints and balance the mind
  • XianTian BaGua 先天八卦 (Prenatal Trigrams Arrangement) in internal alchemy and clinical healing practice
  • LianJingHuaQiJue 煉精化炁訣 -Transforming the Jing to Qi
  • Self healing and clinical applications of HunYuanZhuang and XinJing
  • The Dai XinYi Trinity Teaching Method

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