XinYi QuanMu WuXing Certification

This training focuses on:

  • Brief history of the Hidden Immortal Lineage and Dai Family XinYi
  • XinYi, Daoist philosophy and internal alchemy
  • XinYi NeiGong心意內功: HunYuanZhuang 混元樁 (The Primordial Stance) – the fundamental XinYi internal alchemy standing posture
  • ChangSanBu 長三步 (Trinity Step) – a stepping method that awakens deeper levels of consciousness
  • Principles of Yijing WuXing易經五行
  • XinYi YiJing WuXing QuanMu心意易經五行拳母 – the “Mother Form” of the entire Dai XinYi system. These foundational movements increase physical strength and stamina as well as optimize the function of the five organ systems
  • LianQiHuaShenJue煉炁化神訣- Transform the Qi to nourish the spirit
  • Self healing and clinical applications of HunYuanZhuang and WuXing
  • The Dai XinYi Trinity Teaching Method

Please email for further details.