ancient wisdom for modern times

Mystical Warrior Talisman, Findhorn 2020

Rupert Lander Sunshine Room, Findhorn

@ Price: £80 – 95 Save £15! Register by 20 October Description: According to Wu 巫 (Chinese shamanism) custom, talismans allow us direct access to universal Qi for the purposes of […]

£80 – £95

Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong – Aberdeen 2020

Heritage Hall Howie Ln, Peterculter, Aberdeen

@ Price: £160 – 190 Register by October 15 for early bird price Description: For thousands of years, the dragon has been an auspicious symbol of transformation throughout China.  Fire […]

£160 – £190

Advanced XinYi BaGua Hamburg 2021


Dai Family XinYi戴心意 is one of the China’s most esoteric Qigong and internal martial arts systems.