QinJian Akademin – Society for Classical Chinese Arts

QinJian Akademin (QinJian YanJiuYuan 琴劍研究院) is an international society committed to preserving and promoting the classical Chinese arts. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, we train beginning and advanced practitioners throughout the US, Europe and China. We offer postgraduate certification programs, seminars, classes, private tutorials and business/health consultations to those interested in ancient Chinese wisdom traditions.


about our name…

Qin 琴 (GuQin 古琴) is the ancient Chinese silk-stringed zither, played from antiquity by Daoist masters for the purpose of personal cultivation – a symbol for the heart and for Yin qualities.

Jian 劍, the Chinese sword, is traditionally used by scholars and high level martial artists to attain physical mastery, wisdom, enlightenment and Yang qualities.

Together, QinJian represents Yin and Yang embracing each other – the Dao – the great way of the nature.  We are pleased to share these ancient Chinese wisdom traditions with you!

For further information please visit www.masterwu.net.