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Zhongxian Wu

I was born in a traditional fishing village on China’s eastern shore, where the sunlight first touches the Chinese mainland. At an early age I committed myself to the pursuit of the ancient arts of internal cultivation: Qigong, Taiji, internal martial arts, Chinese medicine, Yijing science, FengShui, Chinese astrology and cosmology, Chinese calligraphy and traditional Chinese music. Since 1988, I have synthesized wisdom and experience for beginning and advanced practitioners, as well as for patients seeking healing, in my unique and professionally designed courses and training programs. I have authored numerous articles and 14 books (5 in Chinese) on China’s ancient life sciences. 

Karin Taylor-Wu

I am a U.S. licensed naturopathic physician (a primary care physician who specializes in complementary and alternative medicine) and a published author of medical texts.

With the strengths of modern science and ancient wisdom to draw on, I combine recommendations for breath work, nutrition, movement, and sleep habits with natural therapies (including herbal medicines, infoceuticals, homeopathy, hydrotherapy and craniosacral therapy), into individualized, earth-friendly health plans targeted towards revitalizing the body, balancing the mind, and uplifting the spirit.

The path is simple

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