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Together, we have a combined 40+ years experience helping people find their way towards better health.

Cha Dao (The Dao of Tea) Instruction

For thousands of years, tea rituals have been an integral part of Chinese culture. From the perspective of inner cultivation, tea characterizes Yin qualities – woman, tranquility and water. We use different varieties of teas for specific healing purposes as part of our daily life. Drinking tea creates space for a calm and clear mind to develop. As a part of your daily cultivation practice, drinking tea awakens your consciousness to a level similar to those which arise from a deep Qigong meditation practice – this can in turn make room for a great Qi transformation to occur within your body!

Chinese Astrology Consultation

Chinese Astrology is based on ancient Chinese cosmology and the Five Elements theory, which is the essence of classical Chinese philosophy. Each individualized chart (of a person or of a business entity) is a life reading that uses these elements to provide insight into a person’s past, present, and future. Chinese Astrology can provide precise guidance to improve your health, relationships, quality of life, business success and more.

External Qi Healing with Sound Healing Treatment

Qi healing is popularly recognized as the term ‘Medical Qigong’ and is part of all traditional Qigong training. This ancient method for strengthening inner power and healing originated several thousand years ago in China. We see the body as a Qi (vital energy) network, and maintain that we experience health and healing if the Qi is free-flowing within this network. This gentle technique can be effective for people who suffer from body pain, who are struggling emotionally, who have compromised immune function or organ function, and more.

During your treatment, Master Wu will play his own recordings of traditional Qin pieces that are specially related to the Five Elements and Universal Qi. The rhythm of the songs resonate with different harmonious energy in the Universe and will tune the listener’s heart into a healing and peaceful state.

FengShui Consultation

Fengshui is a branch of the Yijing divination system that studies cosmological and geological influences on our vitality and prosperity.  Like the Yijing, to master the art of traditional Fengshui, one must hold great knowledge of Xiang 象 (symbolism) and Shu 數 (numerology).  Fengshui consultations support people through challenging times, before making big, life changing decisions, and to make specific life style recommendations that help improve health, quality of life, relationships and business success.

GuQin Music Instruction

The GuQin 古琴 (or simply Qin 琴) is an ancient classical Chinese musical instrument. Chinese hermits and scholars have been using the Qin as a vehicle for spiritual cultivation for thousands of years. The Qin has a history of more than 5,000 years as indicated by a story about the ancient Chinese shaman-king FuXi 伏羲. He invented the BaGua (the Eight Trigrams) and created the first Qin. Qin music is called Qinxin – Heart Music or Musical Heart. In the Chinese wisdom traditions, Qin music represents the rhythm of the Dao or Universal Energy.

Qigong, Taiji and XinYi Instruction

These ancient practices were first developed several thousands of years ago in China, and are designed to strengthen our inner power and healing abilities.  Qigong is the root of all Chinese medicine. Based on the principle that the body is a Qi (vital energy) network, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness are maintained when the Qi is free-flowing in this network. These practices cultivate our inner wisdom and provide a pathway to move into Tian Ren He Yi 天人合一 – the union of the human being with the Universe. Regular practice not only hinders the development of disease, but also encourages recovery of existing illness, and promotes health, balance and harmony in all aspects of our lives.

Talisman Calligraphy Instruction

Chinese talisman calligraphy is an ancient art form and elegant practice of spiritual cultivation. It holds its roots in the Chinese shamanic tradition.  This art form provides a means to understand classical Chinese philosophy, traditional Chinese medicine, and energetic healing principles. For thousands of years,  Chinese shamans (Wu 巫) have used the calligraphy brush to create special energetic calligraphy symbols called Fu 符.  These Fu are a means to access universal Qi and can be used for healing and creating harmonious Fengshui energy. We still use Fu as a tool for cultivating the inner knowledge that leads to an understanding of the Great Dao.

Yijing Consultation or Instruction

The Yijing (I Ching) is considered the root of ancient Chinese science and civilization, and can be used to gain deep insights into the practice of Chinese medicine, spiritual cultivation and our daily lives.  The Yijing prediction system is a way to help us understand our destiny and guide us to a better situation.

1500kr/50 min