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Together, we have a combined 40+ years experience helping people find their way towards better health.

Daoist Internal Arts with Master Wu

Traditional Daoist arts model the Dao, the Great Way of Nature. Through daily cultivation of any of these traditional cultivation arts, practitioners find themselves able to understand how to rejuvenate their life source, live with peaceful heart-mind, and even experience a deep sense unity with the universe. 

In addition to pubic courses and long term training programs, I offer private sessions in the following traditional Daoist cultivation arts: Chinese Astrology, Chinese talisman calligraphy, ChaDao (Dao of Tea), Dai Family XinYi internal martial arts, GuQin music, FengShui, Taiji from the Hidden Immortal Lineage, Qigong from the Dragon Gate and EMei Shamanic Traditions, Yijing Divination.

1500kr/ 50 min