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Dragon Body – the Secret of Daoist Internal Alchemy in Anchorage, Alaska

In Chinese culture, the dragon represents mystery, flexibility, transformation, spirituality, and power.

The 6 gentle, yet powerful movements of the Dragon Body practice awaken the transformative power of the dragon within and connects us with DaoQi 道氣.

Come join us and learn how to shake your scales, sharpen your claws, coil your body, wind the Qi, weave the tapestry of the universe, and soar into the clouds!

Extended teaching trip in Portland, Oregon


We had a full schedule during our annual trip to Portland! Master Wu taught Dragon Body Daoist Internal Alchemy workshop, Three Treasures Qigong morning class, Lifelong Training Program session 2 week long retreat, XinYi XinJing immersion, a night of Shamanic Healing and Opening the Spiritual Fortress workshop – wow!