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Cosmic Orbit Qigong in Stockholm – weekly class

Please join us on Wednesday nights in Stockholm (T-Gärdet) for Mt EMei’s Cosmic Orbit Qigong!

All levels are welcome.

EMei ZhenGong 峨嵋真功, Mt. EMei Shamanic or Sage Style Qigong is an authentic Qigong tradition which originated in SiChuan 四川 province of southwest China. SiChuan has been a sacred place for the Chinese shamanic tradition for thousands of years. The elements of the Mt. EMei Shamanic Qigong are rooted in the ancient world of Chinese shamanism, which itself is the very source of all classical Chinese culture (including Confucianism, Daoism, classical Chinese medicine and the martial arts).

While the theoretical foundation of the Mt. EMei school is embedded in Yijing (I Ching) science and the principles of classical Chinese medicine, it also emphasizes Daoist Fulu 符箓 practices and holds rituals and secret methods of the old Wu 巫 tradition.

The Chinese character Fu 符 means symbol, omen, talisman, in alignment with, or in accord with. Lu 箓 refers to the book of prophesy, incantation, or an energetic amulet (a charm to ward off evil or to create harmonious Qi).

As is common to practices that have been passed down through ancient shamanic Qigong lineages, the Mt. EMei school includes the use of:

  • Fu (talismans, diagrams, symbols or Chinese characters that are energized with Qi and used to create a harmonious Qi field for healing or optimizing FengShui)
  • Jue (mantras, special syllables, spells or sounds used to circulate the Qi within the energy network of the body through the vibrations created by your voice)
  • Yin (mudras or ancient hand positions that act as a vehicle to access the wisdom of the universe that is bound within the body), visualizations, and conscious connection to the “Qi field” of the lineage

in addition to the more commonly known aspects of breath, movement, stillness, and connection to nature that are found in all traditional Qigong schools. We preserve and utilize many rituals common to ancient shamanism as specific techniques for cultivation, healing and self-healing.

Mt. EMei Sage Style Qigong is a traditional, time-honored system of healing and inner cultivatiom with deep cultural roots and centuries of practice. We are excited to see that the number of people who gain benefits through practicing forms from this school is continuing to grow.

We hope to see you on Wednesday nights!