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Dai XinYi BaGua in Dusseldorf!

XinYi BaGua Dusseldorf 2014It was great to be in Düsseldorf again, with British, Dutch, German, Swedish and Swiss Qi friends! We trained Dai XinYi BaGua XinJing 八卦心鏡 (Eight Trigrams Heart Mirror) in an intensive immersion weekend.


Dai Family Heart Mind Six Unions Martial Arts

As I always emphasize, a traditional Chinese name carries the spirit of its object. To gain an insight into the Dai Family XinYi martial arts system, let’s look more closely into its traditional name: XinYi LiuHe Quan 戴氏心意六合拳 .

Literally, Xin means heart and Yi means mind. As the name XinYi implies, we need to use both our heart and our mind to learn and practice this system – and vice versa – practicing with this martial arts tradition is also a way to cultivate your heart and mind. In both respects, XinYi is not a system that focuses solely on the mastery of physical fighting skills.

Liu means six and He means combine, combination, cooperate, unite, and union. LiuHe means “the Union of Six” and it is a Daoist philosophical phrase used interchangeably with “universe.” The Chinese expression for universe is YuZhou 宇宙 (Yu 宇 means space and Zhou 宙 means time) – the union of space and time. In Daoist philosophy, each individual object or concept consists of three parts. With respect to the universe, Yu contains the Shang  上 (upper), Zhong 中 (middle), and Xia 下 (lower) components of space, and within Zhou, the Gu 古 (ancient or past), Jin 今 (modern or present), and Lai 來 (future or upcoming) create the inseparable aspects of time. The universe itself is the union of these six factors, and the true meaning of LiuHe is the union of the three dimensions of space and the three dimensions of time.

The XinYi LiuHe Quan internal alchemy and martial arts system was intentionally and mindfully created to help the practitioner emulate with universal Way.

Quan 拳 means fist, and is generally used to represent a form or a system of martial arts. However, in the inner teachings of XinYi internal martial arts system, we learn the true meaning of Quan is not Quan 拳, but Quan 圈 , which means circle or circular. In the XinYi system, we always practice with circular movements and use the circle – not the fist – to defeat our opponents. There is not a single movement in the entire system that does not include round patterns. XinYi Quan is a method of internal cultivation that aligns the practitioner with the circular Way of Heaven.

The XinYi LiuHe Quan heart-mind cultivation methods provide a key to the state of Oneness, a palpable feeling of no separation between human being and the Dao, where there is no difference between man and nature. In China, we describe this as YuZhouZaiWuShen WuShenZaiYuZhou 宇宙在吾身 吾身在宇宙 – The universe is within me and I am the universe. To awaken into this high-level martial arts state during combat trainings we must know how to unite the three dimensions of the time and the three dimensions of the space in our body and in all of our movements.

Dai Family XinYi is DanDaoWuShu 丹道武術 – an internal martial arts system entirely based on the principles of Daoist alchemy. This system embodies the richness and depth of Daoist philosophy as well as a method to explore healing, internal alchemy, and spiritual transformation.

The XinYi Martial Arts classic states:

XinYi classicYangLingGen ErDongXinZhe DiJiangYe

GuLingGen ErJingXinZhe XiuDaoYe

Nourished by your spiritual root

Guided by your heart

The enemy is defeated

Unwavering spiritual root

And a tranquil heart Cultivate the Dao

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