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Chinese Cosmic Orbit in Aberdeen

It was wonderful to be back in Scotland again! We enjoyed an evening of ChaDao (the Dao of Tea), savoring some of my favorite teas from China and Taiwan, followed by a weekend of Cosmic Orbit Qigong from the EMei tradition. You can read more details about the form here.

Chinese New Year Celebration (Stockholm)!

NewYear201431 January 2014

kl 18.30-21.30

Join us for a taste of traditional Chinese culture!

GuQin 古琴 – live musical performance on the ‘instrument of the sages’, the traditional silk stringed Chinese zither

ChaDao 茶道 – Chinese tea ceremony featuring Bamboo Heart Green Tea, Eastern Eye Mountain Oolong, 25 year aged Pu’er

ShuDao 書道 – Chinese calligraphy demonstration – Qigong and the art of painting with the breath

JiaWu 甲午 – Chinese cosmological forecast of coming year of the Wood Horse

Where:    Stiftelsen Hälsans Hus Fjällgatan 23 B         116 28 Stockholm

Cost:        380kr

Contact:  info@masterwu.net