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Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong in Lyon, France


2016 Lyon Shamanic Tiger Qigong

Join lineage holder Master Zhongxian Wu for detailed instruction of this powerful 24-movement Qigong form from China’s esoteric EMei ZhenGong 峨嵋真功 tradition.

Lifelong Training session 3 in Glenwood, Washington

With annual opportunities to meet with a growing qigong family, this program is an invitation to promote balance, peace, and harmony in your life. The purpose of this program is to create communities of practitioners dedicated to the study of classical Chinese wisdom traditions to support each other on this path to deeper knowing and enlightenment.

In Lifelong Training Level 3, students will learn:
 Chinese shamanic external Qi-healing principles
 Yijing (I Ching) III – 64 Hexagram Divination (beginning)
 Mt. Emei 28 lunar Mansions Qigong
 Chinese calligraphy and Qi-healing I
 Internal Alchemy Meditation III

Opening the Spiritual Fortress in Anchorage, Alaska

In China’s shamanic tradition, each joint of the body is a spiritual gate.

In this workshop, Master Wu will teach a gentle, yet powerful Qigong form developed to open your body – your spiritual fortress – and make room for deep healing and inner transformation to occur.

Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong in Portland, Oregon


In Daoist tradition, the fire dragon is a symbol of the internal alchemy processes that refine and transform the physical body into a balanced state to recover, restore and maintain well being.

Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong form is an ancient method of transforming areas of stagnation in the 15 main meridians of the body. We use the Zhen 震 Thunder mantra, ShiXuan 十宣 Points, and the spiraling movement of the Dragon to ignite the inner fire in our lower DanTian, awaken our ShenQi 神氣 (spiritual energy) and harness the power of our best medicines – Jing, Qi, and Shen – to transform disease and move closer to the Dao.

Students of all levels are welcome!

Chinese Shamanic Cosmic Orbit Qigong (New York, NY)

Chinese Shamanic Orbit QigongChinese Shamanic Cosmic Orbit Qigong is one of Master Wu’s favorite forms from China’s Mt. EMei tradition. The 12 movements represent the energy of the 12 tidal hexagrams of the Yijing and explores the use of mantra and mudra to access your internal energies. During the weekend, we practiced both the standing and seated style of the form.

Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Fire Dragon Meridian QigongThe dragon is an ancient symbol of great transformation and rebirth. Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong is a traditional Qigong form from China’s EMei ZhenGong 峨嵋真功 tradition. During this training, we worked with the acupuncture meridians to promote the flow Qi (vital energy) throughout the body.

Cosmic Orbit Qigong in Düsseldorf! (Nov 2013)

Chinese Cosmic Orbit QigongChinese Shamanic Cosmic Orbit Qigong is an essential Qigong form from China’s esoteric EMei ZhenGong 峨嵋真功 tradition.  Master Wu and Karin traveled from Stockholm to Düsseldorf and welcomed students from within Germany, from Belgium, France, Spain and Switzerland to learn the seated and standing Cosmic Orbit Qigong form.  During this intensive weekend training, students also received a potent introduction to Daoist meditation techniques, including mantra and mudra to access our subtle energies.

Due to the rigorous training schedule, all meals during the weekend were included in the course fee.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Düsseldorf again in November 2014!