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XinYi Training in Stockholm (through Nov 2013)

Dai Family XinYi Dragon Standing Posture
Dai Family XinYi Dragon Standing Posture

Dai Family XinYi Internal Martial Arts Training in Stockholm

Sept-Nov 2013  – Bagarmossen Yogacenter, Rusthållarvägen 75

Dai Family XinYi 心意 (Heart-Mind) is China’s most esoteric qigong and internal martial arts system. Join us Tuesday nights in Stockholm for a 10-week training and learn HunYuanZhuang 混元樁, the fundamental XinYi standing posture, and XinJing 心鏡, eight gentle movements designed to increase physical strength, nourish the joints and balance the mind.

Students of all levels are welcome! 🙂

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Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong in Stockholm (26-27 Oct)!

We offered a fabulous weekend training in Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong while enjoying uninterrupted views of the beautiful Stockholm waterfront. Watch the short YouTube clip to get a small taste of this traditional Daoist Neigong practice!