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XinYi DianXueJue (Dim Mak) in the Catskills! (NY)

Dai Family XinYi is China’s most esoteric qigong and internal martial arts system. In this residential training in the beautiful Catskills, students from all over the US (Alaska, California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington and Virginia) and Europe (Spain and the UK) joined us to study DianXueJue 點穴橛 – a special form used for healing and martial arts.

In China, DianXue is used to describe both Shiatsu and Dim Mak, practices that work with key pressure points in the body.

New Release! Dai Family XinYi book

XinYi WuDao – Heart-Mind: The Dao of Martial Arts

In his unprecedented account on the way of martial arts, Master Zhongxian Wu explores WuDao through systematic instruction of select practices from China’s legendary Dai Family Style XinYi Martial Arts School. Traditional Chinese martial arts embody the richness and depth of Daoist philosophy, and their disciplined practice is an effective way to experience healing, internal alchemy and spiritual transformation.

XinYi martial arts, as with all traditional Chinese martial arts, build strength and stamina and involve a process of inner cultivation that can bring practitioners closer to the Dao. Master Wu examines and interprets the connections between Daoist numerology, the spirit of classical Chinese martial arts, and internal alchemy practices. With extensive reference to the classic texts, this book provides unique and considered guidance that will inspire and empower practitioners of all levels.

An authentic insight into the spiritual world of classical Chinese martial arts, this book is essential reading for practitioners of martial arts, NeiDan (internal alchemy), XinYi, Xingyi Quan, Taiji Quan, Bagua Zhuang, Qigong, Chinese medicine, as well as anyone interested in traditional Chinese culture.

Contents: Foreword. Introduction: The Art of Peace. 1. Dao. Daoist Philosophy and DanWu. 2. WuJi HuanYuan. The Essence of Daoist Alchemical Martial Arts. 3. Taiji LianYi. The Secret of Dragon Body. 4. SanCai SiXuang. The Way of Circle and Square. 5. WuXing QuanMu. The Mother Form of XinYi. 6. LiuHe XinYi. Advanced Approach. 7. BaGua XinJing. Achieve Enlightenment. Afterword.


“Dai Family XinYi is a rare martial art in China. It is so hidden that many practitioners have never even seen the practice. In this book, Master Wu reveals many techniques that have never been made available to the public. This is a very valuable book for readers to trace back the origin and hidden treasure of the powerful Xingyi Quan.”

—Master C S Tang, senior Xingyi Quan, Bagua Quan and Yi Quan expert and researcher, and author of The Mysterious Power of Xingyi Quan and The Complete Book of Yiquan

“In this illuminating book on XinYi WuDao, Master Wu guides us step-by-step on a journey into the heart of the ultimate martial art–the art beyond fighting. Whether your interest lies primarily in the practice or the philosophy, you will discover within these pages precious gems of wisdom and power that will enrich your life.”

-Daniel Reid, best-selling author and leading expert on Eastern philosophy and medicine

“Providing an in depth explanation of the links between Daoism and Chinese martial arts, Master Wu shows his deep dedication and unique knowledge of these two ancient traditions. There are many similar links that can be made between aikido and its philosophy, which makes this book a fantastic source of inspiration for all aikido practitioners.”

—Jan Nevelius Shihan (6th Dan Aikikai Tokyo), Chinese medicine practitioner and author